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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  March 26, 2011 10:00pm-10:50pm EDT

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espinoza says: "the little girl grabbed her hair and yanked her down the ground." ground."a middle school girl fight -- broken up by administrators....but why one of the girls was strip searched. searched...espinoza says: "she's a 13 year old girl...they should not be asking her to remove her shirt." -------------------------------- ------ 3 sot - "it's just another fee and another ding at my pocket." pocket."another travel fee visitors coming into the u-s how much more it will cost to get into the country. -------------------------------- ----- emily wx open -------------------------------- ------------- and hot dogs could be healthier than you think .... why the american food could be better for you than grilled chi. chicken... 3 3 33 3 3 3 good eveningi'm karen parks
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jeff abell is off tonight13 baltimore city employees are facing criminal charges ... for allegedly drinking and gambling... on the clock.they are all employees of the city depprtment of transportation. melinda rooder is live tonight froo theefacility where theyy work... and where police say, the illegal activity had been taking placeefor some time.meli? mmlinda? someone called in a tip... to authorities... thattemployees were using the break room here at this building behind me... to gamble on games like craps....and drink alcohol. and they allegedly did this every two weeks... on paydays. now, it's unclear if they'll ever earn a city paycheck again. again. :44 "they were rinking and &pgambling during working hours" 13 baltimore employees... busted... by investigators... after a whistleblower tipped off higher-ups within the
10:02 pm officials took the claim... very seriously. (mayor) 27:55 "i'm glad it's didn't catch it."friday afternoon... investigators from the office of the inspector general... and baltimore city police... broke up the party.... confiscating... more than 6- thousand dollars of what they call gambling money.they also found dice... and champagne. 01:19 "these are not violent crimes. it was gambling... but what's incredibly concerning is that it's an egregious violation of the public's trust."it took place at the workplace... on the taxpayerss dime.but it's unclear if immediate supervisors knew what was going in.03:21 "there were supervisors around. the supervisor was not charged in the incident. not taking part in the activities."all 13 employees were charged with illegal gambling. one is also charged with assault. 01:46-01:56 "the group became a little unruly. they were running in various direction. one of the individuals... from the inspector generals office."
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tonight, a spokesperson forr theecity department of transportation confirms that the employees have all been suspended withouu pay... pending in east baltimore... melinda roeder... fox 45 news at ten. police identify the body found on barclay street friday morninn as 46 year old reginnld leon wragg.he had several cuts on his neck and chest.police are now investigating thii case as a homicide. and baltimore county police are investigating a stabbing in happened on victim took himself to northwest word on hii condition tonight. a bomb threat at the walmart on baltimore national pike turns out to be a hoax... employees and customers evacuated the building about 3 o'clock today.police say a maa called.... threatening to blow
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the store up.... investigators searched the store but found nothing --- and business reopened a few hours later. we're learniig more tonight -- about the woman accused of worker.wisdom martin reports --- long before shh worked at the yoga clothing store --- she was a college soccer player.but ne of her teammates says she had a dangerous side. side. leanna yust(rhymes with just) was brittany norwood's college teamate and friend at stony brook university ny.leanna yust/suspects former friend tc 0233 "we hit it off right away."0244"sse was realy funny,really outgoing,they played together from 2001-2003 leanna says norwood was an exceptional soccer fact she was the first player in school history to earn all confrence honors.0256 "pretty much the best female defender i have ever seen."she says norwood was a talented and aggressive defender on the feildbut very troubled off the feild.0305 ". she was sweet and funny one minute, wierd the next."she says especially
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when they went out together and things started coming up missing .0439 "sometimes she would take cash out of the wallet. i never caught her red handed.caught her right after she did it.i aksed for my money back , but never got mad because she was so intemidating."ssh says she &pnever got the money backthen there were things that were missing in the locker room. norwood was accused but no one ever caught her in the act . yust says the coach and athletic director knew about the allegations.0757"our coach made er apologize to me personally we didnt really get intooit i was so nervous. scared. i still loved her likee a sister."but without actual proof , she says nothing was ever done.out of frustration yust left the team after her junior year.1120 "i wanted to turn her in to the police eeen dad said who knows what this - girl is capable of. she could come baak and kill you."(end script) norwood is being held without bond ...charged
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with first degree murder... &p3 new ttnight --- a woman ii sentenced to life in prison for her role in the armed robbery of her neighbor --- that ended in his death. death.64-year-old david monath was found dead in his northeasttbaltimore home in december of 2009.he died from cardiac arrest -- after he wws bound and robbed.53 year old bonnie lee lizorradmitted to the robbery -- she will only serve 30 years of her life sentence.her partner was sentenced to 20 years. and deonte walker is facing &pfalse imprisonment and handgu chargee tonight --- after police say e heed a woman hostage in this cherry hilll home friday.police had the house surrounded for several hours --- and put nearby schools on lockdown.when the standoff endedd.. the 31- year-old hostage was released
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unharmed. firefighters were back on the scene of a deadly fire in northwest baltimore.. but this time... tootry to prevent another tragedy from happening. myranda stephens has more on the simple steps they're taking... to savee lives. 3 nats of firefightersthey were seen all ovvr this northwest baltimore eighborhood. firefighters going door to door... hopinn to save lives... after the recent loss of another. 50:12 it is a tragedy and we take things for granted and safety s one of them 17 on tuesday night... a fire broke out at this home on springdale avenue. officials say it started on the first floor... and quickly spread throughout the house. nathaniel 50:05 when it occurred it as soointense i couldn't see my car 09 myranda fire officials say the owner of the home was renting some rooms to three other people. she and two of the tenants got out. the other did not. kevin 15:45 unfortunately one gentleman was found on the second floor unconscious nonresponsive who unnortunately perished in the fire due to smoke inhalation and burns 55 that gentleman
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was 63-year-old roger carter...who just last book, titled... "the force of creation, salvation and judgement." firefighters say the house had working smoke detectors... but they don't know why carter didn't get out. in hopes of preventing another death... they went around the neighborhood today.. testing out smoke detectors in otherr ppople's homes... nats of beeping and installing them... where needed. 50:36 i'm just glad that they're here 37 because while the firefighters can't rewrite the ending to this story... they're doing what they can to prevent another from being told. in northwest baltiiore, myranda stephenss fox45 news at ten. fire is still under use of the - investigation. the remains of a dundalk world war two hero will be returned weeks.robert bayne was killed in france in 19455 for 66 years his remains have been buried at an unmarked grave.
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thanks to dna testing by the military the remains have been identified. bayne's younger prother calvin says he is relieved that his prayers have finally been answered. calvin bayne(calvin bayne) "its been 66 years... to the day.. monday.""tt tooo(calvin bayne) "im at eace now that they found his remains and were gonna be ableto put him away right.. thats what i wanted..and thats what i got. the family is still waiting for robert's remains to beereturned... but hope.... to finally have a funeral... at the familys church... st. ritas.... in dundalk. 3 the house of delegates is convening for a weekend session as lawmakers begin their push toward adjournment in about two this hour lawmakersshave yet to vote on a bill that would implement the federal helath reform in maryland. the house of delegates adopted an amendment yesterday tt set up a framework for a health exchange.that exchange will have a board of trussees
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approved by the general assembly.that board and the exchange will help make sure the uninsured get health insurance.under the amendment, the boards reccommendations will have to be approved by lawmakers. marylanders are one step closer to being able to ask their favorite wineries to ship bottles irectly to their homes.delegates approveddthe direct-shipping proposal. senators advanced a similar version of the bill friday and could vote on final passage monday. also passed today -- -a bill designed to help prevent discrimination based on gender identity in applies to anyone who felt discriminated against because of their gender identity when looking for a jjb, house or allows them to file a complaint to the maryland commission on human relations. the bill makes exceptions for religious institutions. it also requires people to be consistent in their gender identity. residents in catonsville are fighting the possible hike in the gas tax. &pthese taxpayers gathered at
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the catonsville library in an open forum.with gas prices already so high --- they want vote reaches the senate floor. "were really priiging attention to a really ill advised tax that the maryland general assembly is proposing - which is really aggressive tax and really hurt the unemployed , fixed income families and scare away employers from our state." state."if the bill is passed --- it could raise the tax by 38-percent --- making prices pt the pump even higher. tell your lawmakers what you think ---their contact information is on our website slash our voice. the winning ticket for last night's mega million drawing has been found. was sold at a variety ssore in albany new york.the winning jackpot was for 319-million dollars --- the largest ever won by a singge ticket.because it's the weekend -- the earliest the winner can claim the prize is
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monday. cuts as the baltimore ravens f - finally picked their squad. made at the sheraton city was center. the remaining candidates gave the judges everything they had to "make the cut" in these final tryouts --- and for the first time it was open to the puulic. "to come to this night and to be so public and incorporate our fans into it even more, that's really cool, that gives me goosebumps. im just so excited we have a big vent that everyone can come to and support us." us."76 were left in the final round -- but only 60 were chosen for the squad. sot - "it's just another fee and another ding at my pocket." pocket." another fee at the airport ---who will have to pay nd how much it will cost them... and llter -- a middle her shirt for a strip search -- attschool.what provoked the
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found on the girl... p3&p one spi of the wheel.. and one call from you. that combination could put a fugitive behind bars. the wheel of justice is next.
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we download about four free songs a month. i play online poker two nights a week. my fiancee shops online about an hour a day. we're exposing ourselves to web viruses that could obliterate our finances and leave our future together
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a bleak and tortured existence. [ laughs nervously ] i got it covered. we switched to kaspersky. no matter who you are, we've got you covered. kaspersky, the most advanced internet security software. ferraroosays: "i proudly accept your nomination for viceepresident of the united states" a trailblazer for wommn in politics --- geralddne erraro
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died today at the age of 75 blooo cancer.she was the first poman to be picked byya major party as its viie-presidential candidate.coming up in about 10 minutes --- ii tonight's cover story we'll take a look back at her legacy... afterran air-traffic controller is caught -- asleep at the helm --- the federal aviation administration is now instituting new safety procedur. procedures..the f-a-a is reeiewing overnight schedules at sellct airports ---and have told all pilots and radar controllers to make contact with traffic towers before landinn. that response came days after the incident. but some experts say the government should have acted right away. langer says: ".... but what needs to happen in the case of washington, dc, figure out why the department of homeland security, why the department of defense, why the reagan national airport police were not notified to go and check oo the tower to make sure there was not a more serious si" situation."and just today the
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sleeping controller has been identifiee as dan creedon. he's an operational supervisor with more than 20 years experience ---he was in the control tower in washington on 9-11. now he's suspended. some canadian travelers - department of homeland security. molly line explains why they will be payyng more to get into the u-s. u-s. canadians looking to visit the united states, arriving by air or sea, may soon pay more for the privilege.sot - "it's just anooher fee and another ding at my pocket." a $5.50 border fee proposed for the 2012 u.s. budget would net millions for the american coffers, funding security measures. but mmny of our neighbors from the north are not thrillee with the move, includiig canadian prime minister stephen harper who said recently...sot - harper says: "i think in terms of thh conomic recovery, we want to make sure that trade and travel between our two countries is easier, not more difficult." citizens from exicc and the caribbean
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would also pay the fee which america's nearest neighbors, canada included, have long been exempt from. it's the u... department of homeland security that's calling for the change and analysts preddct that the increase in collections could bring in up to 110 million dollars. in a statement security....assistant prees secretary adam fetcher said: "the current exemption means that the fees collected from passengers entering from all other countries and appropriated tax dollars are subsidizing the inspections of and the caribbean. removing co the exemption would bring fee parity for all air and sea passengers entering the united states." canadian foreign affairs officials have blasted the fee, saying: "obviously, we think this issa bad idea. in this fragile economic recovery, now is not the time to be imposing new feee or taxes on canadians." at boston's logan airport, canadian travelers had mixed feelings on the issue... sot-connor says: "would the reciprocating amounts be charged to americans coming to canada? i ould hope so."sot-
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schaffner says: there's already tons of airport fee taxes. i mean, hundreds of is really not thaa bad. you s gotta pay for stuff somehow you're going to come visit us anyway? 30:55 oh, absolutely." in boston, molly line, fox news. 3 fighting backk againsttcrime in baltimore. joy lepola is standing by with this week's "wheel of justice". justice". we're trying to put one of these suspects behind bars tonight.a spin of the wheel determines which fugitive we highlight... and then we'll open our hotline for tips. 34-year old michael taylor is wanted for attacking his girlfriend in her apartment on maple avenue near pimlico racetrack. police say an argument started.. and taylor got violent.4:00:32 the victim in this case stated that after she got away from mr. taylor by locking herself in a room, and once he left, she then had a family member take her to the hospital where she
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remained for a couple of days. the victim was treated for fractured rrbs.. and bruiiing over her body. taylor is still on the loose. 4:00:50 this iss not the first case of domestic incidence between the two. we definitely lookign to ggt him off the streets. he has several other open warrants. in one case he left 2 small children unattended.. he hhs a warrant for that. michael taylor is 5-feet 7- pounds. you can help put michael taylor behind bars. if you have any information.. call our hotline at 410-637-8970. we'll be back next saturday with more wanted suspects.. and another spin of the "wheel of justice". and thanks tooa viewerrs tip last night -- we were able to get another fugitive off the ss. streets...baltimore city
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police pickkd up keith chesley along north calhoun street in west baltimore. last november.. police say chesley robbed a woman at knifepoint while he was in her home. again numerous calls came in --- and lead to this capture... someone will be awarded a caah reward ... the first section of the intercounty connector just opened --- but google maps is showing that it's áallá done. drivers wanting to travel between baltimore and washington are being directed onto the i-c-c in the maryland suburbs.but --- the segment connecting to inttrstate 95 -- is still under ccnstruction and won't be done until 2012. the internet giant says its working to fix the problem by early next week. frigid temps outside tonight- --and snow is moving in let's go straight to meteorologist emily gracey... gracey... 3 3 3
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and despite the cold -- the national cherry blossom festival is underway in the nation's capital.some of the buds have not opened up fully just yet and the snow on the ground tommorrow won't help.
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but still --- experts from the national park service have predicted the peak bloom period or the cherry blossoms will be tuesday through friday. tomorrow a kite festival is planned for the washington monument grounds.the festival runs hrough april 10. maryland's affiliate of susan g. komen for the cure held a breast cancer educational many attended the event to learn about the disease from of local survivors --- pncluding mayor stephanie rawlings blake's mother -- she is a 20 year breast cancer survivor. "as a 20 year surrivor she's an inspiration to many of these women. i'm glad to be here to tell what it's like for a family member to go &pthrough it." it."the event was geared ttwards african american women who have one of the highest risks of developing the disease. 3 ferraro says: "i proudly accept your nomination for vice president of the united states"
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today the nation says goodbye to a olitical icon --- for american and women's history in tonights cover story --we take a look at geraldine ferraro' s legacy and later we take a look at a staale in the american diett--- why a hot dog could be healthier than grilled chicken...?ca geraldine ferraro was th
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first woman nominated for u-s vice president by a major political party.she died today at age sevenny-five after a lonn battle with blood cancer. eric shawn takes a look back at her legacy... &plegacy... ferraro says: "i proudly accept your nomination for vice president of the united states" a trailblazer for women in politics - geraldine ferraro made history as the first woman to be picked by a major party as its vice-presidential candidate geraldine anne ferraro was born on august 26th in newburgh, new york to a family two of her three older brothers died at an early age and tragedy would strike the family again when her father died of a heart attack when she was eight. after graduating college ferraro bbcame a second grade teacher and it was while as a teacher she put herself through law
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school graduating with honors in 1960. she married john zaccaro a businessman and realtor shortly after law school. ferraro opted to keep her maiden name as an honor to her mother. n the seventies ferraro became active in local democratic politics and shocked many when she won a traditionally republican house of representaaives seat in 1978. whileeserving three terms in congress, ferraro quickly made a reputation for herself with theedemocratic leadership and in 1984 she made history when democratic mondale chose her to be his running mate. mondale would later say it was a risky movemondale says: " i knew i was taking a chance and i the deck we might make a game out of it" initially the pick seemed to workkas mondale pulled even with reagan after the convention... but an investigation into ferraro's
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husband's tax returns stole that momentum away... and although the allegationss wereenever proven the damage was done... by the time the election was over reagan won in a landslide. ferraro continued to have a role in public life international conferences. in the nineties she for the u-s senate from new yorkktwice but lost in the democratic primaries.ferraro says: " in december 1998 i too was diagnosed with a blood cancer, multiple myeloma..." in 2001 ferraro revealed she had a form of blood cancer called multiple myeloma... ferraro bbcame a tireless advocate raising awareness and funds for research into her disease. refusing to give into cancer ferraro worked on hillary clinttn's failed presidential bid in 2008. she voluntarily resigned after being accused of making allegedly racist remarks to a newspaper about then candidate barak obama... whom she said wouldn't have been as successful if he were white or a woman. obama would later say she wasn't a racist but ferraro was clearly upset.ferraro
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says: "i feel vvry bad for people who thought i was a racist - i really, do this has been the worst three weeks of my life"" when sarah palin was chosen as john mccain's running mate... ferraro said it was wonderful to see a woman on the national ticket noting that she didn't want to be the only one. perssn n election night 2010, in the roles as political says: "the opportunity that i pnd other women following you have been able to seize has been great for our nntion" geraldine ferraro is survived by her husband, three children and grandchildren. she broke the barrier for women in presidential poliiics and will be remembered as an aspiration not just to women but to all americans. i'm eric shawn, fox news, new york. 3 espinoza says: "the little girl grabbed her hair and yanked her down the ground." ground." a middle school girl fight -- broken up by administrators....but why one
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of the girls was strip searched... ""you just put your lips securely around this and you breath in and out slowly" slowly" the battle of the bulge could just be a breath away.the new tool that measures your calorie intake. we put it to the deal or dud test.find out if it passes. 3 3 3
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3 3 3 levels of radioactive iodine in japan's sea-water is soaring over twelve áhundredá times the national safett limit. engineers at the fukushima nuclear plant are struggling to stabilize the possible
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leaking into the waterss the plant was damaged in the tsunami and earthquake two weeks ago.but officials say --- even with the levels so high --- marine life has not been affected. "as of noww there is no report of ny adverse impact on the 20 km. experts say there's very low possibility but we must strengthen monitoring without laxity. " the death toll in the tsunami and earthquake has now reached over 10-thousand --- with 17-thousand still missing. gun shots shots rebels celebrate aater re-taking the gateway city to eastern libya.rebees cheered on the side of the road and even danced on top of tanks. hundreds of cars were seen streaming toward the town after the victory.the town had been under qaddafi's control for allost 2 weeks.this is the firrt major turnaround in the uprising for the rebels.
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3 get this --- a 13 year old student was allegedly strip searched at a denver middle happened after sccool administrators found a pipe in her bag.she says she was hen askkd o remove er shirt in front of one female and two male staff members. "i was scared and embarrassed and mad." mad." "to find out she was asked to remove her shirt in front of two males...13 years old..i don't think that's appropriate." appropriate."denver public school's policy says "no strip searches ... shall be carriedd out."the school is in the process of a thorough investigation of the inciient. 3 coming up next ---a healthier take on hot dogs ---why the american staple food may be healthier than once thhught... it takes 10 minutes and the machine will measure the amount of oxygen your body uses" uses" you've heard of one
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measurinn your alcohol level, but what about your calorie intake?we'reetesting out the calorie breathalizer.. next?
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on the list of healthiest food should be. be. research shows hot dogs may be a better meat choice than others -- including grilled chicken.the study found hot dogs and other processed deli meats --- like nearly free of certain cancers. o-m-g!the oxford dictionary added new words, and several of them are shorthand used during texting. i-m-h-o...t-m-i... ...and b-f-f. b---f.the dictionary also added a couple of actual "taquito" - the tex-mex snack...and "caliiornia roll" for sushi lov. go with thaa, they also added "muffin top" top"l-o-l. do you ever wonder how
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many calories you burn a day?aa pew mediial device claims itt can tell you just that....we put the calorie breathalyzer machine to the will ittwork test. the calorie breathalyzer claims it gives you an exact number to help you figure out what you need to do to maintain your weight or shed a few will it shed some light on your calorie intake? intake?you've heard of breathalyzers to determine drunkenness...wolin-riklin securely around this and you breath in and out slowly"but now, one machine claims it's not counting cocktails..."it takes 10 mmnutes and the machine will measure the amount of oxygen your body uses"but calories.wolin riklin "hi ashley, we're gonna check your metabolic rate today and this will help you know how many calories it will take youu just to maintain your weight or if you want to lose any additional weight how many calories you should go under weight healthy and safe"it's a calorie claims to take just ten minutes to tell you what you need to do to lose or maintain your weight.but will it work?wolin riklin "now everybody is
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different, some people have very fast metabolisms and some are very slow"it works by measuuing the amount of oxygen your body uses.for every millileter of oxygen your body takes in, you spend a certain number of calories, so this machine works it out and tells you within a fixed period of body needs in a rested state. wolin riklin "okay you are done missy, i bet that was the longest 10 minutes of your dayy huh and his prints out a whole report to show and explain everything to you and shows you where your metabolism is"so will it work? for years i've always thought i had a really slow metabolism and that's not the case" case"wolin iklin "the only way to answer the question, scientifically, is with an indirect calorimeter, there equations out there where you could guess how many killoorams of body weight or you could use an equationo and you will get an aaproximate number, but this is exact" exact"the "u-t" health surgical vvnter is 3 ,3
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3 .the johns hopkins-virginia rivalry adds another classic to its history... see the thrilling finish... next in sports unlimited... 3 3
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ñ .spring training is coming to
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an end... the orioles only have 3 days left of games... rob carlin joins us now in sports nlimited... rob... rob... .coming up tonight on sports un. unlimited... .the birds get their final opening day on friday..brian roberts getting ready for thee games that count...johns hoppins and virginia..comes down to the final possession.. could the blue jays snap their 6-game losing streak to the cavs....and the terps got out to an early lead against north carolina... would they survive a big time run??.plus, 2 of the final 4 are set..sports unlimited starts riiht now... it's almost hard to remember, but 3


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